As part of our new 2018 social media strategy, we’ve introduced a fun new animated brand mascot to help deliver our messages of healthy eating and recipe versatility. The lively new anthropomorphic avocado character, named “Cusco”, draws inspiration from Peru’s heritage and our stylish Peruvian Avocado logo. Vibrant animated avocado-themed art incorporates bouncy hand-drawn elements together with bursts of color and tasteful typography. Cultural elements are introduced in unexpected ways, such as silhouettes and tonal graphics used in backgrounds to provide depth and scale.

The new mascot is designed to connect with a youthful audience in an interactive way that expands the overall reach of our content. It adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to all AFP digital media outlets, and is also brought to life through short videos distributed via social media. Stay tuned to see all the clever escapades Cusco gets into while creating a friendly and memorable personality for our brand!